DIY – Chunky Infinity Scarf Tutorial – Arms Knitting

About two months ago I lost my favorite chunky scarf that kept me warm and happy on cold days. Since Spring is here, well, every stores already  exchanged their chunky scarf season to light summer scarf. I couldn’t even find one to replace the one I lost…. I was so sad. And then… Pinterest saved my life. Yeah. I know I’m late but I’ve recently re-discovered pinterest and it’s jsut amazing… I discovered so many things and there is so much DIY to safe money, good apparel websites, appartment ideas and many more. Anyhow, this website is perfect that I stumbled upon this tutorial on how to make youself a big chunky scarf. At first glance I was like, well I don’t how to knit!!! And I’m seriously too lazy to learn!! But then I saw you only needed to knit with your arms. Wait, whaatt? This is the best. And it took me about 30-45 minute for my first time and it turned out really great! I’m now wearing it all the time, everyday, every minute and every second. Not. But it’s a great scarf and it cost me close to nothing.

To not make things too complicated I will simply post the tutorial video from the girl who originally post it. Her blog is Simply Maggie and go check her other amazing things.

In the video she’s only making an exemple on how to do it but for your information I did a twelves stiches scarf and to mesure how long and how many rows I was going to make it I knitted until I could wrap the scarf around my neck twice. FALSE. I knitted until I had no more wool left.

Here’s the video…

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